Early Elementary - Classroom Updates

Election Week

The Early Elementary students were busy this week learning about the democratic process and practicing their right to vote! Students brainstormed a list of “special drinks” they would like to have once a week at the last All Labyrinth meeting, and on Tuesday, they got a chance to vote for their favorite. After testing all the choices, the winner was chocolate milk! Students will be able to partake in this treat at lunch on Wednesdays.

Halloween & Diwali

The Labryinth started off the week celebrating Halloween! From Scaroling with our buddies to partying in our classrooms, it was an exciting and lively day. Many thanks to all the room parents and parent volunteers for making our Halloween spooky and spectacular!

We are also lucky enough to have Paulami visiting from India this week! She shared with EE students about traditions and stories surrounding the Indian holiday, Diwali.

To wrap up the week, BookIt Theatre presented the play "Last Stop on Market Street" based off the same book written by Matt De La Pena.

Roz and her gosling, Brightbill

Our Read Aloud book, The Wild Robot, continues to fuel Math Vitamin problem solving and whole-group conversations. Robot Roz's gosling, Brightbill, is getting bigger by the day, and Roz must find help from the wildlife community to help raise her baby goose. From planting a garden to attract animals to their nest-like lodge home, to asking for advice and help from the resident Old Goose, we've had lots of conversations about how Roz's robotic functions do not naturally mesh with nature. She is having to learn to adapt in order to survive and help Brightbill survive in their natural home.

This week, we also had a chance to see the large sand painting—a tapete—take shape in the Discovery Area. Stop by to take a peek in the next week to see this traditional Mexican artwork to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, which students have learned about with Lupe at Spanish. Also, everyone's excitement is really building in anticipation of Halloween on Monday. We can't wait to see everyone's costumes!

Building FUNCTIONAL dwellings!

This week at Math Vitamin, Early Elementary students have been busy building FUNCTIONAL dwellings for Roz's friends! They built nests to protect the gosling eggs using base ten blocks. As they built nests, they thought of the value of units, rods and flats and recorded their equations! Next up, they will spend some more time building bigger homes for Roz and the gosling who is now growing rapidly. They will continue to build their facility with base ten blocks!

Ada Twist Grand Finale

The Early Elementary Students enjoyed a festive send-off to "Ada Twist, Scientist" several weeks ago with a morning of science experiments and play. Check out the UCDS Facebook page for a video of our grand finale explosion of soda and mentos. It's not to be missed!

Since then, we've delved into our theme of FUNCTION through a different lens—through our first chapter book read aloud, "The Wild Robot," about a robot named Roz whose crate mistakingly washes ashore onto a wild island. We've spent the past few weeks hearing about her adventures in which she explores the ecosystem (with frequent mishaps!), learns about how animal groups function, and tries to adapt to her new surroundings. Our conversations, journal reflections, and Math Vitamin story problems have deepened our connections to her unique situation. Stay tuned for what happens next when she discovers an abandoned gosling egg that is about to hatch!

First Week Functions!

We've started the year off with some really great FUNCTIONS! We had an Invention Convention with the whole Labyrinth where kids got into mixed classroom groups to explore a mystery object. They worked together with a teacher to decide its function and name. Some really great inventions that were presented were "The Everything" "The Mystery Shell" and the "Yo Yo Tape Measure"!

We also want to thank everyone for coming to Parent Night. We hope a greater understanding of our programs and schedules was accomplished and you got a better picture of your child's days here at school.